Iberian Olive Oil Tourism

Real Idanha Agriculture & Livestock and As Pontis Oil Mill

Provided by Egitânia & Vieru

Idanha-a-Velha, Monsanto, Eljas, and Valverde del Fresno are highlighted for this unique olive oil tourism experience, bridging Portugal and Spain’s cultural and culinary landscapes. These locations promise to offer participants a deep dive into the rich history, traditions, and exquisite flavors of Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) that these regions are renowned for.


On the first day, the tour includes visiting the Egitânia estate, an extra virgin olive oil producer. Participants will explore the entire production system of an organic olive grove, offering a comprehensive look into the cultivation and processing of high-quality olive oil.

Day 1 Details

Participants will enjoy tasting Egitânia’s organic extra virgin olive oil, a “liquid gold” from the precious olive grove. The experience also includes a tour of archaeological excavations of a Roman Villa discovered within the olive grove itself, blending a taste of history with the flavors of the present.

The journey continues with a visit to the historic village of Idanha-a-Velha, established by the Romans. Here, ancient trees within the village serve as a testament to the last 2000 years of Iberian history, linking the present with the past millennia.

The visit also includes an ancient Portuguese stick press museum, home to the Roman epigraphic collection of Idanha-a-Velha. This collection is among the nation’s largest and most representative assemblies of Roman epigraphy, gathered over various phases of archaeological exploration in the village. It offers a deep dive into the historical layers that compose this unique site.

The tour includes a meal stop in the historic village of Monsanto, where participants will enjoy traditional Portuguese cuisine at a restaurant boasting exceptional views. This meal promises a taste of Portugal’s culinary heritage and a visual feast overlooking the picturesque landscapes of Monsanto.

After lunch, the tour continues with a visit to Monsanto and its castle. Here, participants can enjoy the surroundings, with stunning views across the landscape. This part of the tour offers visual delight and insights into the area’s historical and natural context, enriching the overall experience with beauty and knowledge.

On the descent from Monsanto, the tour will include a stop at a special viewpoint to take in the stunning scenery and enjoy a small snack of typical regional products before returning to the original hotel.

The second day of the tour starts with a visit to a traditional mountain olive grove of Manzanilla Cacereña olives grown organically in dry conditions in Eljas – Valverde del Fresno, Spain. During this visit, the discussion will focus on the location, biodiversity, and unique practices of olive cultivation in this area.

Day 2 Details

After the olive grove visit, the tour moves to the Almazara As Pontis facilities, where participants will enjoy the traditional ‘Bica Tosta,’ a toasted cake drizzled with the award-winning Vieiru Organic EVOO DOP Gata-Hurdes. This tasting highlights the rich flavors of the region’s acclaimed olive oil.

Following the delightful tasting of Bica Tosta with olive oil, the tour includes a walkthrough of an exhibition featuring antiques related to the olive and olive oil industries. Participants will learn about interesting customs from the past and be treated to the display of some intriguing relics, enhancing their understanding of the historical context and cultural significance of olive oil production.

Next, the tour features a guided visit through the Almazara As Pontis facilities, where the process of making their renowned Vieiru EVOO is explained—from the reception of the olives to their transformation and the final packaging. The tour concludes in the trophy room and store, where visitors can see the full range of Vieiru products.

After the tour of Almazara As Pontis, the group will head to A Velha Fabrica for a traditional lunch from the region, prepared exclusively with Vieiru EVOO. Following a delicious local dessert and 100% Arabica natural roast coffee, the day will conclude with the tour’s final visit.


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