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Farm to Table

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    Join us on one of our constantly evolving farm-to-table trips.

    • Let’s go to a goat farm where each goat can produce up to 2 liters of milk daily. This milk gets converted into hard, medium, and soft cheeses.
    • We can venture into the forests with master beekeepers who will show us how these fantastic creatures turn the nectar from chestnut trees, oak trees, and flowering shrubs into the incredible gift of their honey.
    • In the fall, we can hike into the deep forest areas where up to 11 varieties of mushrooms find their home and then find their way into our kitchen. Our chef then sautés them in an intoxicating mix of olive oil, wine, and garlic.

    This package continues to evolve and expand as we are in the heart of an area that only practices organic farming.

    Join us for a week in the Sierra de Gata with a series of relaxing local excursions into this fabulous and rich region.


    What our guests
    are saying

    A big favorite!

    We discovered an authentic wonder in Sierra de Gata, a small corner of paradise all about its heritage and the environment. We felt a genuine soul based on serenity, the taste of creation, and the care given to the welcome. Joseph has a presence that honors you with his humanity. Chef Ruben has the alchemy that transforms the products grown on the site into delicacies, with a smile that makes you feel like you are part of his family. A big favorite!

    Lucas I.

    We will definitely be back!

    A small boutique hotel that has just opened in the Sierra de Gata area. The place is perfect to spend a few days of absolute relaxation in the middle of nature... decorated with exquisite taste (large, comfortable, beautiful rooms with all the facilities) and luxury attention from all the staff. We will be back!

    Maria S

    Simply spectacular.

    Aqua et Oleum is a magical place. A hotel built with great care and attention to detail. In the middle of nature, next to a stream, under the gaze of a castle, is this ideal place to rest, disconnect and recharge your energy. We spent some incredible days there. Simply spectacular. Thank you for everything.



    The hackneyed phrase "we want you to feel at home" was made true.


    Highly recommend!

    A charming place, surrounded by pure nature and very friendly staff. Highly recommend!

    Carmen S.

    We will be back!

    Aqua et Oleum is a unique place to disconnect, a location of incomparable beauty. Unbeatable guest treatment, along with exquisite surroundings made with passion. Continue with the dedication and love that you put in. We had a wonderful weekend and will be back for sure. Hugs!


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