Conscious Extremadura

Know, live, and feel its emblematic natural and cultural places through entertaining dynamics of awareness, attention, breathing, connection, and observation.

Provided by Conscious Extremadura

Conscious Extremadura offers immersive experiences blending spiritual, cultural, and natural exploration. These activities include tranquil tours at La Peña del corazón, historical journeys through Castillejo, sensory forest baths, and visits to Trevejo for a taste of strength and balance. Each experience is designed to connect participants deeply with the essence of Sierra de Gata, encouraging awareness and a sense of community.


La Peña del corazón (“Spiritual Spaces”)

A heart-touching tour around Nuestra Señora de la Peña, blending tranquility with historical devotion in Perales del Puerto. (1.5-2 hours, €35/person)

Castillejo: Prehistory, the Middle Ages, and the value of cooperations (“Cultural enclaves”)

Explore the ancient unity of elements and history at an archaeological site in Villasbuenas de Gata, promoting community. (1.5-2 hours, €35/person)

The forest of the senses (Natural places”)

Engage all senses during a forest bath among oaks and orange trees in Holly, enhancing emotional awareness. (1.5-2 hours, €30/person)

Trevejo: Strength and balance (“Cultural enclaves”)

Experience the resilience and balance of Trevejo Castle, a testament to historical endurance on a majestic rock. (1.5-2 hours, €35/person)


  • €35/adult person
  • €25/adult person in a group of 4-6 people
  • €10/child 4 to 16 years old

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Led by Xesca Jiménez Sorroche and Francesc Galí Llorens, “Conscious Extremadura” offers a quality, active, and reflective guided experience that is unique and unrepeatable in the surprising corners of Sierra de Gata.

We specialize in interior and conscious tourism and direct and personalized treatment. We care for every detail and adapt to your needs, rhythms, and interests with respect and affection. We believe that tourism must be sustainable and responsible for the environment and the neighborhood of the “Serragatino” towns.

Promoting tourist activities that respect the natural, cultural, and social environment and with the values ​​of a community that allows enjoying a positive and balanced exchange of experiences between residents and visitors.

  • Xesca Jiménez Sorroche has practiced different awareness and attention techniques for over 20 years, combined with cultural management and dissemination.
  • Francesc Galí Llorens has organized group activities for almost 30 years. Convinced that the best way to learn is in a group and with enjoyable activities. I started with 15 years as a free time monitor, going through social educator, business facilitator, and yoga teacher.


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