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Conscious Extremadura – Guided experiences

    The experiences

    Our outstanding activities (2023 season):

    • La Peña del corazón (“Spiritual Spaces”)

    Connect with tranquility and a past full of devotion. A conscious tour of the surroundings and the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Peña that will touch the heart.

    • Place: Perales del Puerto
    • Duration: 1h30 – 2h
    • Rate: €35/person
    • Castillejo: Prehistory, the Middle Ages and the value of cooperation (“Cultural enclaves”)

    Feel the union of the elements and history in Castillejo. Discover this archaeological site of more than 4,500 years old. You will be able to experience the magical feeling of community between the participants and the environment.

    • Location: Villasbuenas de Gata
    • Duration 1h30 – 2h
    • Rate: €35/person


    • The forest of the senses (“Natural places”)

    Forest bath between oaks and orange trees. Sharpen your senses in direct contact with nature. And let your emotions surface in this playful conscious tour.

    • Location: Holly
    • Duration: 1h30 – 2h
    • Rate: €30/person


    • Trevejo: Strength and balance (“Cultural enclaves”)

    Perched on a rock, a building wounded by the evolution of contingencies is erected, always balanced on the border between north and south, between west and east, between heaven and earth. Come and feel the Castle of Trevejo, and let it transmit to you the powerful force of its stones rooted in the rock and in time.

    • Place: Trevejo
    • Duration: 1h30 – 2h
    • Rate: €35/person


    Who are we?

    In “Conscious Extremadura” we have proposed to offer a quality, active and introspective guided experience, unique and unrepeatable in surprising corners of Sierra de Gata.

    Convinced that the best tools for this are those of Knowing, Living and Feeling its emblematic natural and cultural places. Always through entertaining dynamics of awareness, attention, breathing, connection and observation.

    We are a company specialized in interior and conscious tourism, in direct and personalized treatment; We take care of every detail and we adapt to your needs, rhythms and interests, with respect and much affection.
    We believe that tourism must be sustainable and responsible with the environment and with the neighborhood of the “Serragatino” towns.

    Promoting tourist activities that are respectful of the natural, cultural and social environment and with the values ​​of a community that allows enjoying a positive and balanced exchange of experiences between residents and visitors.

    “Conscious Extremadura” we are Xesca Jiménez Sorroche and Francesc Galí Llorens

    – About Xesca Jiménez Sorroche:
    Hello, my name is Xesca, co-creator of “Conscious Extremadura”, I have been practicing different awareness and attention techniques for more than 20 years, combined with cultural management and dissemination, and I would like to share them with you.

    – About Francesc Galí Llorens:
    I have been organizing group activities for almost 30 years now. Convinced that the best way to learn is in a group and with enjoyable activities. I started with 15 years as a free time monitor, going through social educator, business facilitator and yoga teacher. And now co-leading Conscious Extremadura.


    What our guests
    are saying

    A big favorite!

    We discovered an authentic wonder in Sierra de Gata, a small corner of paradise all about its heritage and the environment. We felt a genuine soul based on serenity, the taste of creation, and the care given to the welcome. Joseph has a presence that honors you with his humanity. Chef Ruben has the alchemy that transforms the products grown on the site into delicacies, with a smile that makes you feel like you are part of his family. A big favorite!

    Lucas I.

    We will definitely be back!

    A small boutique hotel that has just opened in the Sierra de Gata area. The place is perfect to spend a few days of absolute relaxation in the middle of nature... decorated with exquisite taste (large, comfortable, beautiful rooms with all the facilities) and luxury attention from all the staff. We will be back!

    Maria S

    Simply spectacular.

    Aqua et Oleum is a magical place. A hotel built with great care and attention to detail. In the middle of nature, next to a stream, under the gaze of a castle, is this ideal place to rest, disconnect and recharge your energy. We spent some incredible days there. Simply spectacular. Thank you for everything.



    The hackneyed phrase "we want you to feel at home" was made true.


    Highly recommend!

    A charming place, surrounded by pure nature and very friendly staff. Highly recommend!

    Carmen S.

    We will be back!

    Aqua et Oleum is a unique place to disconnect, a location of incomparable beauty. Unbeatable guest treatment, along with exquisite surroundings made with passion. Continue with the dedication and love that you put in. We had a wonderful weekend and will be back for sure. Hugs!


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